The Making of a Monster

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The Making of a Monster Empty The Making of a Monster

Post by Chris on Sat Jun 06, 2009 12:58 am

Nathan clutched at the straps of his backpack, looking insecurely around himself. At the crowd of people that pushed around him while he stood, stuck in his place. A deer in headlights. Stuck in a foreign place, with no way to get home.

"I should have thought this through," he murmured, recoiling, panicking, searching for a place to hide. He spotted a narrow passageway between two buildings and made a run for it, ducking into the darkness of an alleyway. "I just want to go home..." The teen whispered, leaning on the wall, his face in his hands.

"Aww. He wants to go home," began a man, whom stepped forth with a group of men. "Well, guess what, you're not going home quite yet... Not until you pay up... You're in our territory, now." He said, his accent, which did not seem to resemble any well known accent, thick.
They descended upon him, all appearing street worn, a few brandishing weapons. As he tied to run back out into the open, they seized him, pulling him back into the darkness.

Nathan let out a cry, begging to be freed, but it was no use. He had no money to offer them, so he would pay with his blood.

A particularly brutish looking man lifted a club, about to bring it down over his skull, though did not get the chance. A foot met his face, sending him flying into a wall. The man attached to the foot then swiftly murdered the other men, before they even had the slightest clue what was going on.

There was a pause, in which he watched the fallen men bleed, seeming to take some odd pride in his work, which only faltered when he heard the boy speak.

"Thank you, thank you so much!" Nathan gasped, his back pressed to the wall, and thin chest heaving. He ran his fingers through his dark hair, trying to control his rabidly beating heart, to no avail.

"Don't thank me, thank Bella Donna," he said, giving a grin, indicating upwards.

Nathan rose his eyes slowly, watching as a bare foot began to fall before him, still attached to its body, of course. He stared in awe at the beautiful angel that hovered before him, her wavy blond hair trailing over her ivory robes. Her beautifully feathered wings. His lower lip quivered slightly, "Thank you," he whispered, smiling brightly.

Bella Donna touched down onto the ground, folding her wings on her back, "You're very welcome," she pointed out, approaching the teen, she gently touched his face, smiling as he seemed comfortable with her.

"We've been watching you," the angel whispered to Nathan, continuing to touch his face, "and we know you want to go home... We know how to get you there," she assured him, watching as his expression continued to brighten, "Just follow my friend here, he'll lead you there." She assured, giving a brief wink, before throwing herself into the sky again.

"Oh, thank you," Nathan said, rushing after the man, whom had already started to walk away.

"I told you, don't thank me. Thank Bella Donna..." He repeated, slipping his hands into the front pockets of his pants, he cast glances at the boy, sizing up his thin form in an odd manner. Not out of innocent curiosity, but almost like a tiger, as it stalked it's prey. Or rather, led it's prey to a place where it would be cornered, and the tiger could bask in the victory of the hunt.

Nathan followed the man, his eyes dancing as they moved deeper into the alleyways, before rounding a corner, only to bring them face to face with a dead end. He frowned a little, "are you sure you-" He gasped as he was thrown up against the wall, feeling the full weight of the muscular man against him, crushing him, trying to force their lips to meet. He struggled. He lost.

Smirking, he slid a hand to the small of Nathan's back, pulling their bodies together, pressing his lips roughly to the teen's. He wasted no time fooling around, he quickly spun Nathan around, pressing him against the rough wall with little regards to what pain in felt. It took him only one hand to undo his jeans and his his bulge from the open zipper. Meanwhile, the other pinned Nathan to the wall.

"Please," he begged, his eyes teary, his legs growing weak. He felt something poking at the back of his pants, causing him to struggle all the more, not that it did him any good. "Please, don't do this to me. Please," he continuied, growing even more frantic as a hand slid around his waist, opening the front of his pants. Nathan clamped his eyes shut as the other man groped at his length, stroking him roughly. His heart leaped as the hand eased down his jeans, as well as his boxers. He tried to free himself, but the man clenched down on him, making him cry out in pain.

"Shut up," he hissed, grabbing Nathan's hair with his other hand, "or I'll slit your throat, and that's a promise, not a threat, boy." He growled, listening to the pounding in the young man's chest. "Will you behave for me now?" He asked, fondling Nathan again. A smirk crossed his handsome features as he received a submissive nod. "Good."

Nathan shuddered, biting down on his tongue to prevent himself from making a sound as the man ran his hands over his ass. Not that it made a difference, his voice had long caught in his throat.

He looked down at the smaller man, enjoying the scent of fear for a brief moment before grasping his own length and beginning to push it into the young man.

Nathan let out a cry, fingers clawing at the wall, tears streaming freely down his cheeks. He felt like throwing up, but found himself too afraid to do so.

"Mmm," He groaned, tilting his head back, pushing more of himself into Nathan. "Virgin," he hissed, his hands gripping the teen's hips, he forcefully pulled him backwards, forcing a great deal of his erection into him.

He nearly screamed out in agony, though managed to cover his mouth in time, sobbing into his own hand to muffle his sounds.

With his back arched, pressing himself as deeply as humanly possible into the younger man, he leaned down, biting at the back of Nathan's neck. He wasted no more time then that. With his hands still on his hips, he began to hump, roughly and quickly, into the other man. He bucked forwards so roughly that the young man was often on the tips of his toes, his cheek grinding along the roughly textured wall.

Nathan let out soft, feminine sounds, barely audible through the mask that his hands made over his mouth. Grimacing at the pain, he sniffled, allowing the strong man to take control, hoping to end the nightmare as quickly as possible.

It was not quite as simple as that, however. This man was experienced. He could draw out an erection for quite some time, and was not about to let the teen he had deflowered slip away without a good run. He fucked hard, giving Nathan everything but mercy. He grunted and groaned, which grew more frequent as he neared his climax.

Finally, to Nathan's relief, he delivered a final thrust, pinned their hips tightly together, and released his load into Nathan, whom squealed in surprised.

Slowly, he pulled out, turning the boy towards him, supporting him as his frail frame nearly dropped to the ground. He kissed him, receiving no resistance, nor any passion in return, before leaning in, whispering softly into the boy's ear.

"I'll call you, Natrix."

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Post by Chris on Sun Jun 21, 2009 8:21 am

As Nathan was no further use to him for the moment, the man sloppily buttoned up his own pants, adjusting himself within them before pulling Nathan's up to his hips. He did those up as well, roughly groping the young man through the thick denims. A hand rest on his firm ass, that pulled him back towards the daylight.

Weak in the legs, Nathan allowed him to lead the way. He leaned into the large man for support, even while he felt completely repelled by the sadistic being. He chanced a glance up at him, earning himself a rough squeeze on the ass, which caused him to howl in pain.

The man snorted, his fingers latched to the young man's fine ass, "You'll get used to it," he assured, seeming oblivious to the people that stared at the limping boy and the man groping him. "You'll start to enjoy it soon enough. You'll crave it." He whispered, voice low and seductive. He watched the boy for a few long moments, soon realizing that he was likely going to remain silent at the traumatizing event. He decided to allow his victim that much. For the time being, at least.

They walked together towards the rougher part of town, where the crowds of people gradually dwindled away to nothing, and it was only them walking. Alone with the other. Nathan knew that no one would be able to help him, and he hung his head in defeat, wishing his father would save him. Or anyone, really. He just didn't want to have to suffer through another incident like in the alley.

As they neared a motel, the man pulled out a set of keys, easily approaching the outside exit of the room that he had rented. He released Nathan for a mere moment, just long enough to open the door, before shoving him inside. With both standing within the room, he shut and locked the door behind them, making for the blinds and drawing them shut in quick sweeps.

Nathan stood in the center of the room, looking to the large bed that sat there, practically mocking him. He knew what was going to happen sooner or later. He swallowed a hard lump in his throat, turning pitiful eyes to the man, whose unsympathetic gaze made him cringe.

"Sit on the bed," the man commanded, while he moved to the table and seated himself on one of the chairs. He eyed Nathan hungrily, reaching a hand into a bag of potato chips, he munched quietly away at them, until the bag was empty aside a few crumbs. "Take off your clothes..." He added soon after, casting a subconscious glance to his watch.

Nathan hesitated, but obeyed out of fear. If the man had enough strength to do what he had done, and furthermore feel no regret for it, then there was really no telling what he was capable of.

After he undressed, Nathan sat upon the edge of the bed once more, his slender fingers slipping between his thighs in an attempt to cover himself, though he knew it would be off little use as the man rose from his chair. Nathan whimpered softly, trying to force away the fear that overcame him, though it was no use. He was terrified.

The man stood before him, staring down at him for a few long moments that were further elongated because of the complete and utter silence. However, he soon dropped to his knees, spreading the boy's legs apart.

"W-What are you doing?" Nathan asked, his eyes wide as he watched the man lean down and easily devour his member. He leaned back slightly, using his arms to support his weight. "Please, stop..." He whispered, though the man simply continued to work the limp organ in and out of his mouth.

He smirked slightly, resting his hands on the bed to brace himself, he worked his mouth and tongue expertly, apparently all too familiar with the male anatomy.

Clamping his eyes shut, Nathan tried to concentrate solely on ignoring the blow job he was receiving, though it was more difficult than he would have hoped. In a matter on minutes, he found himself with a raging hard on that left him giddy.

The man smirked, pulling him mouth off to inspect his work. He licked his lips, noting the dazed look in Nathan's eyes, "Is this your first as well, Natrix?" He asked, watching the young man nod, he seemed all the more pleased. "Well, aren't I special?" He laughed, rising, he shoved Natrix back onto the bed. It took little effort for him to flip the frail frame over to lay on his stomach.

He rubbed a hand along Nathan's ass, easily spreading the cheeks. He appeared amused with the redness he saw, and hastily gave him a slap on the ass, making him cry out in pain. "Aw. Are you sore?" He asked, following his slap with a gentle caress, "well, I happen to have a special cream that will make it feel aaaalllllll better."

"Please don't do this to me again. Please, I... I'm not like this." Nathan begged, hearing a zipper opening and the sound of something hitting the floor.

He reached around, groping the boy's member with an arched brow, "Well, you're pretty hard for someone who is 'not like this'," he pointed out, adjusting both of their positions to better suit his needs. He easily pulled the young man back, impaling him, once more enjoying the pained sounds he made.

He wasted no time, his humping seeming frantic, sloppy, even. He pressed all of his weight into Nathan, squishing him against the bed. His hand slipped under the pale frame, seizing his crotch and jerking furiously in time with his thrusts.

"Ahhh!" Nathan moaned, biting down on the bed sheets, which he proceeded to rip from the corners of the bed as the man began to give him more. He cringed as he felt the man pull out completely, then dive back into his aching ass time and time again. "Nnn," he grunted, trying to rise off of his stomach, but the weight on his back prevented him from doing so.

The man exhaled raggedly, his breaths catching in his lungs as he focused less on enjoying himself, and more on simply fulfilling the need to release his sexual desires. he found himself crawling slightly onto the bed, fucking faster and harder, his head bent so that his short hair brushed the boy's back.

Nathan shivered, his body tensing up, he moaned loudly as the other man continued to pound into him despite the sudden clenching. He shut his eyes, letting out soft whimpers as he climaxed, making quite a mess over the bedspread before the man's hand was removed from his length.

He further braced himself, this time with both hands on either side of Nathan. His back arched, hips pressing as deeply into the boy as was possible for him, forehead now resting against Nathan's back. He pushed Nathan down into the bed, hands gripping his shoulders, he lasted several more minutes in said position before pulling out, and jerking his seed out onto Nathan's ass, as promised.

The man then rolled off, panting slightly as he lifted a wrist to once more read his watch. He sat alongside Nathan, being sure to give him a soft swat on the ass on occasion, just for fun. Several times, as he swore he heard movement, he raised expectantly to the door, only to be disappointed.

He sighed, laying back on the bed alongside the spent Nathan. he pulled a pillow under his head, noting that the young man had either fallen asleep or passed out at some point. He wasn't surprised, really. He had suffered a long walk, a fucking, another long walk, and an additional fucking that made the man believe he had likely fallen asleep, in spite of his obvious vulnerability.

Eventually, the door knob rattled, and the room filled with light as a woman stepped into the room, kicking off her shoes as she shut the door behind her.

"Mommy's home..."

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The Making of a Monster Empty Re: The Making of a Monster

Post by Chris on Fri Nov 13, 2009 6:57 am

Bella Donna stepped into the dimly lit inn room, watching as the candles flickered, dangerously close to burning out. As she spotted the spent boy on the bed, she smirked in satisfaction, gesturing for the older male to remain quiet. She shut the door silently behind herself as she entered completely, eager to have her turn with the 'fresh meat.'

The older male sat upright, mimicking her devious smile. He rose from the bed, moving to the single chair at the small table, where he sat, knowing all to well what was about to happen.

The beautiful angel crossed the room, crawling onto the bed and onto Natrix. She contemplated what to do with him. How she would enjoy him. A particularly aggressive thought entered her mind, triggering a wave of warmth that spread all through her body and ultimately meant that the worst was yet to come.

Without further hesitation, she ran her hands over Natrix's body, raking her fingernails over his flesh with just enough pressure to leave behind trails.

Jarred from his sleep, Natrix lifted his head, frantically looking around, only to find that his nightmare was real. As he turned his head, he discovered he was not stranded with one person, but now two. He felt a little relief that his second captor was female, at least she could not...

His thought process fell apart completely as she pressed to him. Even through her dress he could feel it. He had never heard of such a thing, but it hardly mattered. He had a feeling the woman that had led him to his demise would not go easy on him.

"Mm, good morning," she purred, though it was quite obviously not morning at all. She chuckled at the fear in his eyes, petting his soft hair in some feigned attempt to comfort him. Bella Donna shifted, wriggled slightly, and altogether wormed herself out of her dress, which turned out to be the only thing she were wearing.

Natrix's fears were confirmed as she stripped. In spite of the fact that she appeared to be a female, she had a dick, which seemed dead set on having it's way with him. He felt his own stomach attempt to crawl out of his throat as she began to move around behind him. As if being violated by a man was not enough, now this abomination of nature was going to have at him!

Eagerly setting herself up behind Natrix, Bella Donna pushed her member inside of him, making him yelp in pain. Her hands slipped around his torso, sharp fingernails sinking into his chest, tearing into his skin. She ripped both hands down his body, enjoying the way he withered in pain and begged for mercy.

"Please," He whispered, his own hand reaching to touch one of the bloody trails along his chest, "Please, stop. Just... Just stop..." He pleaded, crying out as she slammed into him, followed by a bite on his shoulder that drew blood. Tears formed in the corners of his eyes, and even while he tried to stop himself from showing weakness, they slid down his cheeks.

Bella Donna pressed her breasts to the young man's back, slowly turning her head to her male friend, "Care to join?" She asked, while reaching out and grasping at Natrix's hair. She pulled hard, jerking his head back to observe his tormented features.

The man hastily rose from the table, nearly bounding to the bed, he crawled in front of Natrix, catching the young man's chin in his hand. He kissed the male for an instant, before giving him a hard slap across the face.

"Ah!" Natrix gasped, one hand resting on his cheek, his mouth parted slightly, just enough to allow the man kneeling before him to shove the head of his length into his mouth. A muffled gasp left him, but his mind was torn between pains, as Bella Donna continued to rip her fingernails over him, causing his blood to trickle all along his back, sides, and stomach.

The harder Bella Donna fucked him, the deeper she sunk her fingernails into him, and the more blood she drew. She moaned softly, leaning over Natrix in order to share a passionate kiss with her accomplice, all while abusing the teen in various ways.

Natrix sobbed into the man's length, which had forced itself completely into his mouth and throat. He felt terrible, even for what was happening. He gaged with each thrust the man gave, both in disgust and as a natural reaction to a foreign object being jammed down his throat. Furthermore, the blood was now freely flowing from him, as Bella Donna insisted upon driving her fingers into his bloodied grooves and making them deeper. He shivered, eyes rolling into the back of his head as he swore she was wriggling her fingers around in his wounds. His head lolled slightly as he fought to keep himself conscious.

The angel, ran her bloody fingers over his flesh, eventually reaching his face and leaving a single hand print in his blood, to match the slap mark on the cheek opposite.

Unable to take it any longer, Natrix's body limped, and he passed out, allowing the two to carry on without resistance, though neither had much left. It seemed that the vulgar act pushed them into a dimension of pleasure that even they could not draw out.

Driving in deep, both Bella Donna and the man spasmed in unison, filling his mouth and ass with their sperm, the finishing act, that was sealed with a final passionate kiss.

Pulling out, both rolled onto the bed, shoving the boy to the inside of the bed, before simply laying across the sheets, not bothering to wash his blood from their hands.

They lay for a long time, silent and in a state of euphoria that neither wanted to disturb. Someone else, had other plans, however, as a powerful kick shattered the door, causing splinters to fly in all directions and the two 'lovers' to jump up in surprise.

In stepped a dark haired man, with several pairs of large, white wings. He growled angrily, pointing to the woman, "Harlot! I knew you were cheating on me!" Gabriel yelled, cracking his knuckles as he stepped closer, about to pound the life out of the other male, when he noticed a third person besides himself. A young man.

"Bella Donna, what have you done now?" Gabriel demanded, stepping closer to get a better look, he was sure the boy was dead, until a light twitch told him otherwise. "How could you do this to someone, what sort of angel are you?" He demanded, observing the boy, whom he swore looked familiar.

"He just... Followed me home," Bella Donna lied, crossing her legs where she sat, she tensed, afraid of the angel of death. He had far more rank and power then she could ever hope to possess.

"Yeah, and I bet he did too, right?" Gabriel snapped, indicating to the other man, whom also feared him, though it was little consolation. He shook his head, gingerly touching the teen, "How could you do this to someone? He's just a boy!" Gabriel grunted, pushing the boy's hair from his face, he grew slightly pale.

"Do you know who this is, Bella Donna?!" He asked, alarmed, though he gave her no chance to respond, "This is one of Lucifer's sons... His youngest boy... You've gone and done it now..." He ran his fingers through his curly hair, shoving the female and male off of the bed, he wrapped the boy protectively in the blankets, contemplating simply killing the two, as he was going to kill the man, anyways. "If he finds out about this, you're dead, Bella Donna."

"I... I didn't know!" She declared, raking her fingers through her blond hair, spreading blood through it. "How could I have known? He was wandering in town, I thought he was lost..." She rambled, moving hurriedly for her dress, "I have to kill him. If Lucifer find out about this we're all dead." She rambled, straightening up after slipping into her shoes, "Hand him here. I'll do it."

Gabriel shook his head, "No," he murmured, hoisting the wrapped teen into his arms, "I'll do it... I have to get something to kill him with. He's the son of Lucifer. He wont die easily," he informed the female, dark eyes narrowed to a glare at both her and her companion. "Wait here for me," he added, voice now monotone as he stepped aside, making his way for the door.

He paused in the frame, without looking back, "And if neither of you are here when I get back, I will find you both..." He hissed, spreading his large wings and taking off into the sky.

Gabriel flew just beyond the town, landing amongst some trees. He looked to the mass in his arms, shaking his head softly as he closed his eyes. "I swear, if I get blamed for this, I'm going to kill that woman, once and for all." He murmured, then vanished in a flurry of ashes.

He had done something that he had not done frequently in all the years he had lived. He had opened a gate to hell, and crossed over. Though not completely sure what was going to happen, he cleared his throat and moved into the kingdom of the fallen angel Lucifer, his flesh half melted simply because of his 'purity,' though he was quick to heal on his own.

It became clear to him that hell was falling apart. Lucifer must have gone into a frenzy when his son had disappeared, every creature was in a hurry, running around in the streets of hell, while he traveled the great - and now very empty- castle of Lucifer. It was unclear whether the head man himself was around, but Gabriel did not care to meet the man face to face. Not under the circumstances, at least.

He headed directly to the grand throne room, which happened to be empty, as he had suspected. After all, most were out looking for Natrix - the bloody bundle in his arms. Stepping up to the large seat that belonged to Lucifer, he carefully lay the young man in it, adjusting him so that he would not fall, and tucking the blanket around him to keep him from getting cold, though in all fairness it was hell, and him being cold was unlikely.

As he was satisfied with his adjustments, Gabriel up righted himself, giving Natrix's hair a soft pat, as he seemed to be having troubling dream. "I'm sorry," he whispered, then faded from hell, leaving behind only a single feather as evidence that he was ever even there.

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